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3 Important Skills for Every Student to Develop

  • 24th¬†December 2018
  • Lauren Bachelder
  1. Time Management
    No matter how young your student is, it’s not too early to develop healthy time management skills! Use a family calendar with your little one, and teach him or her to tell time! Students in junior high or older should become best friends with an agenda, using this tool to keep track of homework, due dates, and extra-curricular activities!
  2. Focused Work Ethic
    Help your child learn self-discipline and focus by setting a daily time slot for him or her to sit at the kitchen table and read or study. Older students should begin to connect their goals with a strong work ethic, and college/career plans should motivate them to work hard!
  3. Networking
    To succeed in both school and life, students must learn to work in team settings and benefit from the individual strengths of their peers! Encourage your student to make friends in each class so that he or she has a resource to reach out to for issues such as clarification on a teacher’s instructions or a last-minute due date check!

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