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3 Steps for Super K-12 Math Skills

  • 03rd September 2018
  • Lauren Bachelder

Do you or your child want to be a math superhero (or at least a capable sidekick) but don’t know how? Here are 3 simple steps to improve math skills at any grade level:

  1. Use fun, online games to practice!
    We all know that practice makes perfect, but no one wants to complete extra homework! Instead, review your homework or class notes to identify which problems are most difficult, and use one of these fun online games to practice!
  2. Follow the R.E.C. method to solve math problems!
    There’s nothing worse than when you work a math problem out correctly but end up with the wrong answer because of a simple mistake. To avoid this sort of sad result, use the “R.E.C.” method: Read problem carefully, Every step written out neatly, Check answers.
  3. Find a super math tutor!
    Math is always much easier to understand when it’s taught in a way that best fits your learning style! At Apollo Tutors, we have incredibly fun tutors who will match your learning style, personality, and other math needs! Visit us at www.ApolloTutors.org to find super math tutor in the next 24hrs or less!

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