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5 Day Game Plan to Crush K-12 Tests

  • 06th May 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Just like a great athlete can’t perform at her best without lots of preparation, your student needs a game plan to crush her next big test!

Check out our 5 Day Test Prep Plan:

  • 5 Days Before a Test:
    • Organize
    • Plan
    • Find a Tutor
    • Study Section 1

    Start by organizing all of your class notes, assignments, and handouts. This is the time to identify what’s missing and contact a friend (or your teacher) to fill in the gaps. Next, look over all of your study material, and separate the work into three manageable sections that you can tackle in three days. Make a to-do list for the next five days, using the outline at the bottom of this post!
    After you begin the first section of studying, you may notice that you need some extra help on the material. Visit http://www.apollotutors.org/ to find a tutor who has taken the same class!

  • 4 Days Before the Test:
      • Be Honest with Yourself
      • Re-Plan (If Needed)
      • Study Section 2

    If you told yourself yesterday that you would read 100 pages a day, you might realize that isn’t a reasonable goal. If you find yourself already behind on your study plan, make sure to reevaluate!

  • 3 Days Before the Test:
    • Study Section 3
    • Ask Questions

    By the end of today, you should have studied all of your material! If there is a concept that you still don’t understand, make sure to ask your teacher or tutor to clarify!

  • 2 Days Before the Test:
    • Review EVERYTHING

    Now that you have studied each section of your study plan, it’s time to review everything so that the material is solidified! (Imagine if you were “cramming” and looking at all of that material for the first time! Yikes, good thing you were responsible and studied ahead of time!)

  • 1 Day Before the Test:
    • (Lightly) Review Everything
    • Get Some Rest!

    Because you are a great student and have already been studying for four days, today will be easy. Lightly review your material, and get some rest so that your brain can function at its very best for your test tomorrow!

Don’t forget to visit us at http://www.apollotutors.org/, so that next time a test comes around, you will have an all-star tutor on your team!