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Benefits of Using Facebook for College Students

  • 14th January 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Junior high and high school students may view Facebook as a “less trendy” form of social media. On the college scene, however, Facebook’s platform has networking and campus connection capabilities that are unmatched!

How can college students use Facebook to their advantage?

  1. Connect with student clubs!
    It’s a well-known fact that students who are involved in on-campus activities tend to preform better in their classes and walk away with a richer college experience. Although you can find a list of student organizations on your college’s website, Facebook is a great way to discover the actual people and culture within each group!
  2. Stay up-to-date with on-campus events!
    Your college’s weekly schedule is full of student foundations activities, student organization meetings, and most importantly, events with FREE FOOD! If you only rely on fliers and annoyingly long university emails for these events updates, you’ll miss out on the good stuff. Instead, search for upcoming events on Facebook, respond to interesting events that appear on your feed, and let Facebook’s “Events” tab send you reminders!
  3. Receive campus news!
    Electric outages, flood warnings, leaky dorms, intriguing campus issues and university politics – I’ve seen it all in my almost four years of college, and I saw it from Facebook first. Although emails and notifications from the university are great, students often post this important information in real-time!
  4. Network with students and faculty!
    Make sure that you don’t lose contact with the great connections that you have made! Linked In is an incredible resource, but becoming Facebook friends allows you to share life updates and stay in touch in a much more personal way!

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