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Don’t Let Your Child Fall Victim to “Summer Brain Drain!”

  • 26th May 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

What happens when your child doesn’t spend some time over the summer months reviewing last school year’s material? SUMMER BRAIN DRAIN!

How do you keep your child from losing all of that critical learning? Find a summer tutor! Establishing a summer tutor to spend a little time with your child each week does not make you a lame parent! Our college-age tutors will make summer sessions relevant and fun for your kiddo!

Here are 5 ways Apollo Tutors can help stop summer “brain drain:”

  1. “Test Your Knowledge” Challenges
    Based on your student’s grade level, our tutors use competency tests to ensure that your student is on the right track after finishing last semester’s curriculum. This allows Apollo Tutors to cover concepts that your child “doesn’t get” before these knowledge gaps affect him or her next semester!
  2. Flashcard Games
    The odds that your child will remember critical math rules or important facts from science class after almost three months without thinking about the material is slim to none! Our tutors create fun games and use flashcards to review important material that your child will use again in the fall!
  3. Foreign Language Practice
    Your student’s language skills must be constantly used in order to improve her abilities or even to simply keep her from backsliding! Apollo Tutors are equipped to work with students on a wide variety of foreign languages, including reviewing grammar rules, practicing vocabulary, reading passages at an appropriate level, and holding language-building conversations!
  4. Getting Ahead for Next Year
    Apollo Tutors set students up for success when they introduce students to new concepts that they’ll encounter during the following year. While students may quickly fall behind when they are taught difficult concepts in a classroom-style setting, our tutors bridge this gap with one-on-one help with the subjects that will be the most difficult later on during the school year!
  5. Learning with Friends
    Make summer sessions even more fun for your kiddo by signing up with Apollo alongside a few of your student’s buddies for group-style sessions!

In just a few simple steps, you can defeat summer “brain drain” and find the perfect Apollo Tutor for this summer!

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