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Fun Foreign Language Tutoring This Summer

  • 03rd June 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Follow these four simple steps to ensure that your student doesn’t lose all of the foreign language fluency that she gained during the last school year! Your child can work with a fun Apollo Tutor to practice foreign language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing! ¡Vamanos!

  1. Find an Apollo Tutor for personalized language practice!
    No matter how basic your child’s foreign language skills are, practicing the words and phrases with a tutor is always a good way to help the information stick! Our college-age tutors incorporate fun games and activities so that your student will be less grumpy about a little bit of summer studying!
  2. Use “Quizlet” to practice Spanish vocabulary!
    Many K-12 Spanish teachers use an online notecard resource called “Quizlet” as a tool for students to study vocabulary words during the school year. You might find the link from last year’s class’ Quizlet set by visiting your teacher’s page on your school website, or simply search “seventh grade Spanish vocabulary” (for example) on the Quizlet homepage to find a generic set.
  3. Download a Fun Spanish App!
    Does your child have some free time to kill during road trips or long summer days? There are tons of apps with interactive games to help your child practice vocabulary and grammar skills! Some of our favorites are: Duolingo, MindSnacks, FluentU.
  4. Get creative!
    Consider other creative ways to expose your child to the language, such as adding subtitles to movies and TV shows, encouraging your student to speak the native languages during summer vacations, and labeling household items in different languages!

In just a few simple steps, you can find the perfect Apollo Tutor for this summer!

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