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Help Your Child Start Next Semester Ahead of The Game

  • 17th June 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Did your student spend last school year constantly just trying to catch up on lessons that she missed or subjects that she didn’t quite understand? With just a little extra effort this summer, your child can completely change the trajectory of her education! Work with an Apollo Tutor this summer, and our young and fun tutors can help your kiddo start ahead of the game in the fall.

Here’s how:

  1. Motivating your student to study over the summer can seem impossible, but Apollo Tutors make sessions fun!
    Self-paced summer studying can be difficult to uphold, especially when kids complain that they just want to have fun! Our tutors combine the best of both worlds, with educational games and interactive lessons that expand your child’s brain while also keeping her occupied! Let our college-age tutors motivate your kiddo to learn this summer, and avoid the tears that come along with self-taught summer study plans!
  2. Apollo Tutors work around your summer plans & meet you at your home, on your schedule!
    If your summer schedule is packed with fun trips and family outings, it might seem impossible to add tutoring to the mix. But our tutors bring learning to your home, on your time, with sessions that are completely tailored around your family’s needs! Ditch the extra drive to the learning center, and let our qualified tutors come to you!
  3. If your student doesn’t start the year strong, it’s often hard to bounce back.
    Nine out of ten teachers spend the first three weeks of school reviewing last year’s material. This may seem like a plus for students who finished last semester a little behind the curve, right? Wrong. This typical three-week review is designed to be a quick-paced overview, with the assumption that your student already understands the material. If your student struggled last year, he or she will inevitably struggle through this quick-paced review as well, followed by lessons that only build off of that foundation. Let our tutors re-teach these subjects in a way that meets your child’s learning style, helping her catch up for good!

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