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How an Apollo Tutor Can Transform Your Child’s Learning Experience

  • 03rd December 2018
  • Lauren Bachelder

Whether your student is a kindergartener developing critical primary skills or a college student tackling difficult classes, working with an Apollo Tutor is a game changer! Here are a few reasons to invest in tutoring for your child:

  1. Apollo Tutors connect well with students and inspire them to succeed.
    Young tutors have the unique advantage of relating to and entertaining students of all ages! Young children look forward to working with our tutors, who regularly incorporate fun and interactive learning. Junior high and high school students are often inspired by the success of college tutors who demonstrate that hard work really does pay off. And finally, when college students themselves struggle with difficult classes, sometimes it’s much easier to learn from a peer than from a professor.
  2. Apollo Tutors keep students accountable for their studying.
    As an Apollo Tutor establishes a relationship with a student, he or she learns the student’s school schedule and develops a deep understanding of the steps the student needs to take to succeed in each class. Tutoring sessions are a great, structured time for students to receive homework help, ask questions, and study with expert guidance.
  3. Apollo Tutors closely monitor students’ grades and help them set and achieve their goals.
    In addition to studying and homework guidance during sessions, Apollo Tutors also regularly check in on students’ individual grades and final averages. Tutors quickly identify low grades, help students schedule test retakes when applicable, and make a plan for improvement. This helps students and parents stay on the same page and tackle low grades before it’s too late!
  4. Apollo Tutors help students develop life-long skills.
    Working with a tutor allows a student to learn permanent organizational skills, time management, and study habits. These skills, especially when developed at a young age, permanently transform a student’s learning experience!

To transform your child’s learning experience, visit our website at www.apollotutors.org, and we’ll find the perfect tutor to match your child’s learning style in 24 hours or less!