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How to Study Smarter

  • 27th August 2018
  • Lauren Bachelder

When you misuse time that you put aside for studying, you lose valuable study hours and time that you could have spent doing something you actually enjoy. When it’s time to study, hunker down, set time goals, and be efficient. Here’s how:

  1. Set a study plan!
    There is a big difference between telling yourself, “I really need to study for this test,” and “Tuesday after class, I’m going to go to the library, sit at my regular spot, and study chapter five for two hours.” At least one week before a big exam, paper, or project, set S.M.A.R.T. study goals – plans that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound.
  2. Seek good study spots!
    Can you really study in your room without falling asleep? Can you go to a coffee shop with friends without talking to them the whole time? A good study space is a crucial part of efficient studying. Determine if you work better in a quiet environment or place with background noise, in a comfy nook or more structured desk, and what time of day you focus the best.
  3. Just get started!
    You may have heard the saying, “the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym.” The same can be said for studying. Instead of thinking about the huge to-do-list ahead of you, take it one step at a time: Tell yourself just to get up off of the couch, then to walk to the library, and then to open your book. Before you know it, you’ll be “in the zone!”
  4. Study with a tutor!
    No matter how hard you study, some classes are just tough. For one-on-one tutoring with students from your university who are masters in their subject areas (and who may even know your specific professor), visit us at www.apollotutors.org, and click “Find my Tutor!” In 24 hours or less, our team will pair you with a tutor who can meet on your schedule, at whatever location is most convenient for you or over video chat.

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