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How to Tackle Homework This Semester

By Elena Ruff
  • 26th August 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

From the time you start going to school until the time you graduate, there is one constant: homework. In order to succeed at any grade level, homework has to be done well and on time.

Whether you are a parent trying to help your child finish homework or a student yourself, here are 6 tips to help tackle homework this semester:

  1. Start the assignment the day it is assigned.
    Even if you only write one or two sentences of that essay or answer the first two questions on a problem set, tackling the work early gives you a head-start. I often find that starting the process of working is the hardest part. Get started as soon as you can, and the rest will follow!
  2. Turn off the TV.
    I know you think you can multitask, but the truth is, you physically cannot. Earl Miller, a neuroscientist and professor of neuroscience at MIT, said in an article by NPR, “People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves.” He says that when we think we are focusing on two things at once, we are actually just switching attention from one task to the other very quickly. This means when you are studying and watching your favorite TV shows or movies, you are only doing one or the other at any given time. Turn off the TV when doing homework, so you can put your complete focus into it. It will make your work more efficient and better quality!
  3. Find your homework spot.
    Speaking of distractions, your house can be a tough place to study, especially if you have lots of pets or siblings around! If there isn’t a quiet place to study at home, visit an outside study spot, such as a public library, coffee shop, or comfy place on campus. Distractions can be visual as well as auditory, so be sure that your work area isn’t accompanied by a distracting view. Avoid the temptation to work on homework while in bed, because it is just too easy to fall asleep if you get bored or tired!
  4. Reward yourself for finishing early.
    To motivate yourself to get everything done BEFORE it’s due, reward yourself when you finish your work early. This starts a great habit because it leaves a buffer area to ask questions about problems you don’t understand and double-check your work! This tip will give you more free time and improve your homework grades! However, in order for this to work, you need to manage your time effectively!
  5. Use a planner.
    To help with keeping track of when you have assignments due, especially bigger projects, use a planner or write down due dates in a family calendar or app. This will really help with time management, and you’ll never have to use the, “I forgot that was due today!” excuse. From my experience, the older I become, the less excuses work for me. So do yourself a favor, and break those bad habits now!
  6. Get help from a tutor.
    College-aged tutors from Apollo went through the same homework struggles that you or your child are going through now! They can help with homework strategies as well as with specific homework problems. Find the perfect tutor for you at www.apollotutors.org today!