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How to Actually Take Control of Your Time

  • 25th Febuary 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

We hear the term “time management” used all the time, but what does this trendy skill actually look like in practice? To best use your twenty-four hours each day, you have to take action! “Time management” means choosing how to prioritize your activities, completing those activities efficiently, and cutting out time-suckers.

Here are some quick tips to help manage your schedule:

  1. Split your life into categories!
    Whether you’re a junior high student, college student, or parent, there are some simple “time categories” that everyone can utilize! Examine these five categories so that you can better understand how to split up your time:

    • School & work
    • Extracurricular activities (sports, volunteering, clubs)
    • Social & family time
    • Self-care time (exercise, relaxation, and personal hobbies)
    • Rest (8 hours of sleep should be your goal!)
  2. Evaluate, & find balance!
    Happy and healthy kids (and parents) need a balance of these five activities!
    Are you too involved in extracurricular activities to study sufficiently and excel in school? On the other hand, do you set aside enough free time to spend with friends and have some fun? Are you giving yourself the opportunity to rest & put your best foot forward? If not, we’re here to tell you that work-life balance isn’t a myth and that it really is possible to achieve this happy medium!
  3. Don’t be afraid to quit!
    Sometimes no matter how efficient you are, you just won’t have time to spend your life the way you want unless you cut something out! We’re not encouraging you to quit in the middle of important obligations or back out on a team that’s counting on you. However, at the end of a sports season, for example, have a serious conversation with yourself and determine if you really want to participate in that activity again. If your heart isn’t in it or your time is spread too thin, don’t be afraid to quit!

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