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K-12 Students: A Guide for “G.R.E.A.T” Note Taking

  • 15th October 2018
  • Lauren Bachelder

Did you know that efficient and clear note taking is one of the most important skills to develop before college? If you (or your child) are in middle school or high school, it’s time to learn to be a great note-taker!

We love a good acronym, and the “G.R.E.A.T.” note taking method makes the process easy!

  1. Get organized!
    Have a clearly labeled spiral notebook for each class. Start each new class day on a fresh page in your notebook, and write the date and topic for the day on the first line. Make sure you have a few different colored pens or highlighters to identify examples and the most important facts.
  2. Realize what’s important!
    You can’t write down everything your teacher says or everything that’s on his or her PowerPoint. Instead, pick the most important terms, phrases, and facts, and write them in bullet point form (NOT in complete sentences)!
  3. Examples!
    Write down as many examples as possible! If your teacher works out a math problem on the board, make sure to take notes on each step. If your teacher tells a story or gives you a hint to remember the material, write it down! This will help you better-understand your notes later. (Not to mention, you may be specifically asked for examples on your next test!)
  4. Ask questions!
    Don’t understand something during class? Ask your teacher, and write the answer clearly in your notes. Missed a class? Ask a friend to borrow his or her notes, and fill in what’s missing in your notebook.
  5. Treat your notes like a study guide!
    When it’s time to take a test, your notes become your study guide! This means your notes should be complete and readable! If your teacher specifically points out a fact that you’ll be tested over, make sure to highlight the fact in your notes for later!

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