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Make Spring Break Fun & Educational for Your Kiddo!

  • 11th March 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Whether your family is staying home or traveling over spring break, here’s how to keep your child’s brain active and learning!

  1. Replace some Netflix binge watching with reading, audiobooks, podcasts, or an entertaining documentary!
    While traveling or just while relaxing at home, your student is bound to have lots of screen time over spring break. Make a goal each day of replacing just one hour of thoughtless screen time with something that makes your student think! For example, listen to an audiobook or cool podcast in the car with the whole family! Some of our favorite family-friendly podcasts include Wow In The World and Circle Round!
  2. Talk about geography and culture during your trip!
    Especially for young children, vacations can be a great way to learn about new places and culture! Show your child where you’re going on the map, take an excursion to a cool museum, or encourage him or her to try local food!Bored in a car ride? Quiz the whole family on geography skills using this “Find the 50 States” Sporcle Game!
  3. During the Sunday before school starts back, check in on grades and homework!
    Before your student returns to school, take a moment to regroup. It’s approximately the halfway point in the semester, so view your student’s grades and determine if he or she is meeting grading goals. Spend time to catch up on homework, and make sure your student’s agenda is filled out for upcoming tests and projects!