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Sail into Summer Reading

  • 01st July 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

What if something as simple as building a habit of reading could set your child on a path for success?

Many parents realize the importance of reading to their young children, but it’s easy to let this habit slip to the wayside once you have a grumpy pre-teen on your hands instead of a toddler who loves to flip through books! We’re here to help your student rediscover that love for reading.

  1. Why Read
    Today, most children on summer break will spend at least three hours glued to a screen. According to Bonnie Terry, a Board Certified Educational Therapist internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist, setting aside just an hour of time per day for reading will result in the following benefits:

    • Improved reading skills
    • Increased desire to read
    • Improved self-esteem
    • Neutralized summer learning loss
    • Improved comprehension
    • Improved memory skills

    Why not start now to help your child build a lifelong healthy habit?

  2. What to Read
    You don’t have to start from scratch to find the perfect books for your student! This list of mommy-approved books for ages 0 – 13 includes hundred of books organized by age and subject, from picture books for your toddler to stories to keep your pre-teen excited about reading!

    Some of our favorites from this list include Grace for President, a charming book to help teach your 5-9 year old how the U.S. election system works, and Nowhere Boy, a story about friendship and diversity for your middle schooler. We even found a list of great books for your high school student!

  3. How to Actually Get Your Kiddo to Read
    Avoid tears about reading from your little one or grumpiness from your older student by setting a clear summer reading plan!

    • For young children, use the adorable and printable reading chart below! With built-in prizes, this chart from Spring Time Doodles is sure to keep your child on track!
    • For older kids, this book log app can act as both a book wish list and tool to track progress!
    • Our tutors are young and fun college-aged mentors who can inspire students of any age! Make an account now, and in 24 hours or less, we’ll find the perfect tutor to help with summer reading, language learning, catching up for next semester, and more!