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Turn Your Kiddo’s Screen Time Into Study Time

  • 1st April 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

Worried that too much screen time is turning your kiddo’s brain into mush? Here’s how to use technology as an educational tool that actually exercises your student’s brain!

  1. Replace Netflix binge watching with reading, audiobooks, podcasts, or an entertaining documentary!
    Make a goal each day of replacing just one hour of thoughtless screen time with something that makes your student think! For example, watch one of these awesome (and family-friendly) documentaries on Netflix: The Kindness Diaries, Born in China, and Planet Earth! For long car rides, some of our favorite podcasts include Wow In The World and Circle Round!
  2. Use smarter apps!
    There are apps that entertain and educate kiddos at the same time! Here is a short list of our favorite apps, by category!

  3. Tutor over video chat with Apollo Tutors!
    Did you know that your student can use his or her tablet or smartphone to connect with an Apollo Tutor for emergency homework help? For one-on-one tutoring with fun, college-age tutors who are masters in their subject areas, visit us at www.apollotutors.org, and click “Find my Tutor!” In 24 hours or less, our team will pair you with a tutor who can meet on your schedule!