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  • 13th July 2018

Want to help your child cultivate some organizational skills this summer that will last a lifetime?

Here are 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Make checklists for everything!
    According to Child Mind Institute, children can benefit greatly from making “life checklists.” Having trouble getting your kid out of the door on time in the morning? Make a morning routine checklist! We believe that checklists are useful for almost any task or goal, from leaving for school on time to completing chores and meeting homework goals! Although a second-grader may roll her eyes at first at the idea of completing a checklist, research shows that this is the best way to keep her on track! Keep organization fun by making a colorful “checklist board,” maybe even themed with your child’s favorite things! Make a reward system for when checklists are completed!
  2. Focus on a school planner!
    Does your school provide students with a planner to write their upcoming homework and test dates? If not, a basic planner is an organizational must-have, and it doesn’t even need to be fancy! We recommend a small planner with a durable cover, organized by daily sections for your child to make notes. Encourage your student to write homework and new test or project dates in his or her planner during every class. He or she should also check the planner every weeknight with either a parent or tutor to make sure assignments are completed on time!
  3. Let Siri save the date for you!
    Do you feel like you might have a hard time making sure your student stays organized using good ole’ pen and paper? Use the “Reminder” or “Calendar” app that Apple provides, or download another calendar app like “Family!” Sync due dates and tests on everyone’s phones to make sure you never forget about that history project again!