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What’s Even is this “New Math?”

  • 15th April 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

“In my day, this is NOT how they did math!”

Feel like screaming this when your first grader comes to you with weird multiplication tables that involve shapes, shading, and all kinds of steps you’ve never heard of? We’re here to give you the lowdown on this “new math” business.

  1. Where did this “new math” come from, and what even is it?
    Common Core, a set of academic standards for math and English language arts, has been adopted by 41 states and the Department of Defense Education Activity. In the last few years, it made some dramatic changes to the ways that American students are taught basic math like addition and multiplication. These changes include what may seem like a bunch of unnecessary steps, including shape drawing, charts, and number lines.

9 “New Math” Problems & Methods

    Although annoying for parents and teachers alike, “new math” has some pretty great benefits for American kiddos! The methods seem complicated because they are. But this complication allows for students to develop a “number sense” and manipulate math problems more easily. Common Core’s Argument is that these math methods help young children more easily grasp higher level concepts and equation manipulation later on. Countries that have consistently ranked ahead of us on math scores have been using this “new math” all along!
    “New math” also helps students with different learning styles. Instead of just one way to do things, teachers are now introducing several different methods to solve each problem! Now students can visualize the concepts with a greater opportunity to catch on!
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