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How to Use the FAQ

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  2. If you can’t find your question, you can also download a PDF version of the Tutor Manual or software FAQ for additional information.
  3. If you have a question not covered in the FAQ, email careers@apollotutors.org

Client FAQs

About Apollo

Apollo is a social enterprise, an organization that has a commitment to social responsibility where profit meets purpose. Our mission is to improve access to education through programs that promote mentorship and bridge the achievement gap through community engagement.

The disparity in education across metropolitan areas is striking. In Dallas ISD, 70% of students graduate high school, but less than 20% are college-ready. Mentorship and student engagement have statistically been shown to improve student performance and promote skill development.

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Our Services

No, we do not have a center. We provide personalized service at a location that works best for you. We offer tutoring in-home or at common locations such as libraries, coffee shops, or university campuses.

Apollo Tutors does provide video tutoring as an option for students who are not available for in-home tutoring or for those whose schedules only allow for video tutoring. We use an online whiteboard that allows for students to interact with tutors using diagrams, charts, and Wolfram Alpha

A student’s learning style is influenced by his or her modal learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc) and personality type. Understanding each student’s learning style and matching it to the tutors who share this same style is crucial for a successful and personalized learning session. That’s why at Apollo Tutors we give each student and tutor the True Colors Test, which allows us to match students and tutors with similar personality and learning styles. By analyzing each student’s learning style, we are able to match him or her with a tutor who will address individual learning needs, ambitions, interests, and goals.

Our Process

  • Make a profile on our portal
  • Enter your subjects, availability, and learning style.
  • We will find a tutor who matches your profile.
  • The tutor will confirm a schedule for your session.
  • You can pay for your session online, using our payment gateway.

Our Website

  • Sign up on our portal
  • Click “Sign Up”, and follow the steps from the confirmation email to set up your account.
  • Need help getting set up? Check out this explainer video.
  • Enter your subjects & availability to complete your profile.
  • We will notify you when we have found a match to work with you on that subject
  • Questions? Email us or chat with us in the chat box below.
  • Setting Your Password
    • If you run into an issue setting your password, try running the page in Incognito Mode, or use Google Chrome.
  • Accessing Portal on Mobile / Browser
    • You can access our website and portal from Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but the site may cause issues on old versions of Internet Explorer.
    • The portal is also mobile compatible on Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Run into an issue or want to report a bug?
  • Enter your subjects & availability to complete your profile. Watch a quick explainer video on how to set up your profile.

Tutor FAQs

Our Portal

  1. Go to your sheet to update your test scores, major / minor, transcript, and communication preferences.

2. Sign and upload your W9 Form. You can use a scanner, take a screenshot, or use a program such as Microsoft Lens (iOS or Android) to scan your form.

3. Enter your Direct Deposit Form.


4. Name of account holder- the legal name of the person who owns the bank account (this is NOT the name of your bank).
5. Account number- the 10-12 digit number specific to your account, usually found on the bottom right of a check from your bank account.
6. Routing number- the 9 digit ID of your bank. This can be found on the bottom left of a check from your account.


7. Contractor agreement
This form can be completed electronically by e-signing, or if you would prefer a PDF copy, select the option to download a PDF.


9. True Color test
10. Add your Top 2 Colors to the form. You can also upload the results of your test


11. After you complete the required documents you will receive an email notifying you to enter your subjects and availability to complete your tutor profile.

  1. Subjects
    • Click ‘Add New’ to open the subject selector
    • Use the Subject selector to select classes you feel comfortable tutoring
    • You can select as many classes as you want from any category, (include all classes from your transcript that you have completed- the more extensive the list, the more opportunities you will be matched with)
    • You can search by the name of the class or by course number
    • You can search by course number (FINA3320, FIN 320, FINA 30153)
    • You can also search the name of the class (Financial Management)
    • Certain courses also require a proficiency test to verify your expertise. A proficiency test involves confirming your grade and the date you took certain courses, and some courses also require a online quiz to verify your proficiency.
  2. Proficiency Tests
    • Adding one of these courses requires verifying your grade and the date you took the course:
      • Intro Economics
      • Intro Chemistry
      • Intro Biology
      • Intro Physics
  • Adding one of these courses involves confirming your standardized test scores
    • SAT prep
    • ACT Prep
    • Standardized Test Prep
  • Adding one of these courses requires taking an online quiz to confirm your proficiency
    • Geometry
    • Algebra II
    • Calculus I
    • Calculus II

3. Entering Availability

  • Use the availability selector to select the days and times that work best for you to schedule tutoring sessions. We use your schedule to notify you about opportunities that fit your profile.
  • Click ‘Add New’ to open the availability selector.
  • Enter in your availability for the days and times you are available to tutor.
  • Enter in a record for each day that you would like to tutor.
  • Include a wide band of times to ensure you get matched with the most opportunities during your availability window.
  • You will receive an email or text when we receive an opportunity that fits your profile.
  • Click the link on the email to accept the opportunity.

4. Updating your schedule

  • Use the modify schedule button to select days you are unavailable to meet with students. You will not get notified about new opportunities during these days.
  • If you need to reschedule sessions with an existing student, contact them and update the match if the student wants a substitute tutor.

Once you complete your Tutor Profile you are ready to receive Tutoring Requests. There are 4 ways to accept opportunities:

1. From the Portal Home Page


Click the “Match with Student” button to get matched with the student

2. From the matching email


If you are logged into the portal already, click the link to confirm the match. Otherwise, login to the portal before clicking the link again to confirm the match.

*You must be logged in for the link to work*

3. From a Text Message


4. Replying to an Opportunity Email

Some opportunities are sent by a plain text email. You can reply to this email to get matched with the student or to receive additional information.

Getting in touch with the Client:


On the session screen you can view the students you match with, and view their contact info.


K-12 Clients


Use the intro email form  from the Sessions tab and complete the template to send your intro email. Enter in your information, send the intro email to the parent’s email, and cc info@apollotutors.org

example of intro email


College Clients


Send a text message to the client introducing yourself and to propose times to meet for your session. If you have any trouble getting in touch by text, make a phone call and leave a voicemail.


Community Tutoring


Email your site coordinator with an introduction about yourself, as well as any relevant background check materials.

Scheduling Sessions


Once you have connected with the client you can create a single or a recurring session, depending on the schedule you have agreed to with the client. Enter the session date when you have finalized the meeting times. For the address, enter the location you will be meeting if you are not meeting the client in-home.


Single Session


Scheduling Sessions

Once you have connected with the client you can create a single or a recurring session, depending on the schedule you have to agreed with the client. Enter the session date when you have finalized the meeting times. For the address, enter the location you will be meeting if you are not meeting the client in-home. If you will be meeting with a client on a recurring basis, you can create a recurring session, which will create sessions based on the schedule you agreed on.

Enter the start date and the frequency for how often you will meet (daily, weekly, monthly). Choose weekly and select the days that you will be meeting with the student

After a session has occurred, you can log your notes and submit your session. In the Past sessions tab, you can view sessions that have occurred. Click “log notes” to log your notes and after submitting it will be registered for payroll. Click Update to submit your session after completing your notes.


If you have to reschedule a session, delete the session and mention the reason it was deleted. You can then re-log the session for the new time.

Deleting 1 session

Use the Delete Record Button to delete the session

Deleting Many Sessions


Select the sessions you would like to delete, pick “Custom Actions” and Select Delete

  • Haven’t Heard from student- selecting this will send a reminder to the student
  • Student Does not want to meet- This will cease all reminders for the student- use this if the student has changed their mind about meeting
  • Schedule does not match- select this if you cannot work with the student and we will re-match them with another tutor

If you have trouble getting in touch with a student you are matched with, use the “Update Match” Button on the Session Tab to update the status of the match.