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How to Use Technology as a Learning Tool

By Gabriela Salazar

  • 30th September 2019
  • Lauren Bachelder

As students in 2019, we usually think of ourselves as technological geniuses. But are you really using all of the available resources to make studying an easier and more fun experience? Check out some of these awesome apps and other technological tricks!

  1. There’s an App for That!
    As you can imagine, there’s an app for almost all of your studying needs. But there are thousands of options to sort through, and not all apps are created equal. Here is a short list of our favorite apps, by study category!

  2. Use Your Phone/Tablet for Assignment Alerts!
    If you’re on top of your organizational skills, you know that it’s crucial to use a planner during every class to keep track of your assignments. But what happens when that beautiful, hardback planner isn’t with you, and you can’t remember when your next big test is? Use the basic calendar app on your phone, or download cool apps like myHomework Student Planner to make sure the most important due dates are always at your fingertips!
  3. Create Virtual Study Groups!
    Creating study groups is an easy way to clear up homework questions, find notes that you may have missed, and make learning a little more fun. If your teacher uses an online platform such as Google Classroom or Canvas, you can find the contact information for everyone in your class to easily start a study group over text. Tired of receiving tons of group texts? Use apps like GroupMe to communicate with your study group instead! Finally, if you need to share notes, flashcards, or test reviews, use Google Docs or share Quizlet Flashcards!
  4. Tutor over Video Chat with Apollo Tutors!
    Apps and study groups are great, but sometimes you REALLY get stuck and just need the help of a great tutor. For one-on-one tutoring with fun, college-age tutors who are masters in their subject areas, make an account on our Portal! For quick homework help sessions, our tutors can even work with you over video chat!